Fresh Is, As Fresh Does

Damn, look at him is a statement of excitement, that comes from being or doing the unexpected. Vibe with me.

Getting it right for the summer..
Yo, its sorta like Poitier and Bill Cosby..

Watch ya backs out here.. the Easter Bunny is out here catching fools slippin’.

When you 6’6, they always wanna put you in the back. Tragic.

Y’all don’t know nothing bout this..

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Don’t seriously injure yourself trying something new.. at least not without the correct safety precautions.
I just got on this fryer, nigga..

Anonymous asked: Your body is beautiful. Bravo to you and that booty


Why no one answers my phone…

And other reasons. Ha.

Thats automatic entry into Salty Spitoon…. and a few drinks. In my book.

Is you about these gainz or nah?

Some mornings it feel like this..

But I cant be like them dudes out here looking fat and gordy, they never won no rings but be mad at Horry.

Gym Creepers Be Like..

Classic. Y’all don’t know about these hits!

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